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Brett Kerr



Brett Kerr has over 15 years of experience in producing, directing, and writing motion pictures, television, music videos, and commercials. Brett has a strong background in film production, working his way up through the ranks of Indie filmmaking to much higher film budgets and thus gained a unique understanding of the process. He is well versed on all aspects of production and can take a project all the way from concept to the distribution.

Some of his most recent production experiences include line producing Sony’s comic book film “Cross,” starring Vinnie Jones, Michael Clarke Duncan and Tom Sizemore, as well as the thriller “Rites of Passage” with Stephen Dorff, Christian Slater, and Wes Bentley. He managed the productions of National Lampoon’s “Cattle Call,” Oxygen Channel’s “Nadine in Date Land “and the cult movie “Benny Bliss,” and the “Disciples of Greatness” , which was accepted by the Sundance Music Division.

Other producing credits include the Indie-films: “The Caper,” “The Party,” “The Cross,” the Russian action thriller “Montana”, and various Russian television shows and commercials. Additionally, Brett has produced many music videos seen on VH1 & MTV: Train – “If It’s Love,” Megadeth – “Headcrusher,” and Airbourne – “Blonde, Bad and Beautiful” & “Bottom Of The Well”. Additionally, he served a three-year-stint as an in-house studio production manager for New Wave Entertainment.

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